Southern Spring 2017 - Buenos Aires

This blog is the last part of my blogs covering the long expedition to Subantarctica and the Argentinian Altiplano. It will be more pictures than text or stories, but Buenos Aires is so different to the other legs of this journey and this fascinating city deserves its own page anyway.....

I knew Buenos Aires from many visits during the last 30 years, but my last visit was about 15 years ago. Buenos Aires changed a lot and I liked it even better than during my first visits.

I do big cities from time to time, but I do not consider myself as the typical cityscape shooter. I love to do interesting architecture and a bit street photography (difficult to use commercially nowadays to many issues with property and model releases) and if I do cities I have my shooting plan. I have my list of locations with ideas at what time a location would be best. I also choose my accomodation according to my shooting plan.

This time was different, Buenos Aires was meant to be a kind of vacation between Subantarctica and the Altiplano. Of course I shot a couple of hundred frames, but I behaved like an "ordinary" tourist. I took just my small mft camera with one lens, no tripod no nothing. We let us drift through the city and it was big fun!

The small size of the equipment and the mobility of this "approach" resulted in very different pictures. It is interesting to see how the pros and cons of equipment allows to develop a different style. It was a pleasant experience. Highly recommended to try out things like that!

The city is full of life and its many quarters have all their own character and atmosphere. We just had a couple of days to explore at least some of them. We have visited the very touristy hot spots like Recoleta or La Boca as well as some lesser frequented quarters. Our base was close to the obelisc at Avenida 9 de Julio, right in the center of Buenos Aires.

La Boca

Everybody knows pictures of La Boca, busloads of tourists are carried to the colorful houses and small lanes. It seems to be as popular with local tourists as with visitors from overseas. It is a stereotype and it is a must see. If you start early you can avoid the masses and enjoy the location a bit better. Have a look!


As La Boca Recoleta is a must see. It is one of the most famous cemeteries world wide and its atmosphere is quite unique. And yes we payed a visit to Evita Perons grave....

enough of the details, just enjoy my view of this city:

Wildlife in the Altiplano

I must admit that I forgot to include pictures of some of my most favourite species in my Altplano blog, shame on me..... But here they come the wild camelids of South America, Guanacos and Vicunas.

Better late than never!

What else is to say?

Again everything is packed, tomorrow I will head to 70 deg north, more about that later......

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