Wild Creatures Photography Christmas 2015

Wild Creature Photography in winter is always a bit different, expecially if you want to stay in town and if you do not want to take pictures of birds on a feeder! Very often taking pictures of true wild creatures in a snowy winter is physically demanding needs long planning and lots of luck.
For winter 2015 however I did a lot of research and finally found a really unknown species, which was hardly ever photographed. These strange and sometimes highly dangerous creatures can only be seen around Christmas in the remote alpine valleys of Austria, South Tyrol and Bavaria. After even more research I finally discovered, that theses creatures have changed their migration routes during the last 10 years and gather in Munich for a purpose, which is scientifically not yet understood.

After again more planning and very thorough preparation of my equipment I started my quest to take pictures of a species called perchten. They differ a lot in their appearance, it may be well more than one species!

Have a look to see my results. It was a dangerous undertaking, but more often the perchten prefered pretty girls as prey, not well camouflaged photographers who take great care to blend in the environment. As usual good preperation will pay off.....

I am pleased with the results, but I doubt that my pictures will qualify for any wildlife photo competition!

Krampuslauf - most people will never have heard of a Krampuslauf or Perchtenlauf and nearly nobody outside Austria, Switzerland or Bavaria will associate the creatures doing a Krampuslauf with Christmas.
It is however an age-old tradition in the Alps to perfom a Krampuslauf around Christmas. In the past Hollywood probably was inspired by the creatures and now the Krampus Clubs maybe inspired by Hollywood. It was and it is a living tradition and that is a good thing!

The Creatures getting ready for the Krampuslauf (Krampus-Run, Perchten-Run)

Around 15 years ago somebody in Munich thought, that it would be a good idea to have a Krampus Group in Munich and the Sparifankerl Pass was founded. 5 years later the first Krampuslauf was performed in Munich. This year it was already a huge event with about 30 groups from Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol and thousands of people (and half a dozen local photographers) watched the performance.

If you are in Munich next year around Christmas, check out the Whats On in Munich pages and visit the Krampuslauf!

Highly recommended!!! But do not underestimate the risks to be close to these creatures and good pictures are as usually hard to get.


Munich, December 2015