Uganda and Rwenzori

This was a preliminary page to show some of the new pictures from my expedition in January 2009 to the Rwenzori / Ruwenzori. As lot of people are visiting this page I keep it online!

After two expeditions to the Rwenzori, the Book "Rwenzori - Africa's Mountain Wilderness" is finally available. It is the only book of this kind about the Rwenzori and it is definitly worth checking it out.

Rwenzori - Africa's Mountain Wilderness is a coffe table book about one of the most unknown and fascinating mountain areas in the world. Follow the link and you will find more pictures, text samples, order information and a completely free download of the book as pdf!

Following Blurb Badge brings you th the Blurb online bookshop, right to the Rwenzori The Book page, with a preview and order information

R w e n z o r i
Africa's Mountain ...
By Martin Zwick
Book Preview
Photo book

at the bottom of the page are some more links, where you can find information about the Rwenzoris

For all the people, who are interested in the Rwenzoris, I wrote some field reports about my experiences in the Rwenzori. Of course with more pictures....

Informationen für Trekker und Bergsteiger im Ruwenzori
Ausrüstungstipps für Trekker und Bergsteiger im Ruwenzori I
Ausrüstungstipps für Trekker und Bergsteiger im Ruwenzori II

Check out my book on the Rwenzoris, the link is on the beginning of the page....

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