Summer 2017 - short trips to Bamberg and Cortina

After all the travelling in Q1 and early Q2 2017 my main focus was in postprocessing, planning my next expeditions in Greenland, Iceland, Argentina and the preparation of my workshops to Patagonia/South Georgia/The Falklands (2017) and to Greenland (2018).

All the same I tried to do some commercial shootings  to get away from computer and office. Our summer was hot and humid, lots of thunderstorms and regular rain. Not the best weather for an extended trip in central europe.

Some of my lenses needed a readjustment and I was without equipment anyway. I also thought of pieces of new equipment. More about that later....

This time it is a very short report, more pics than text. In my office the equipment is getting ready to be packed up for our great Greenland adventure!

Bamberg - a UNESCO world heritage site

Bamberg is one of the view cities in Germany, which servived the world war II without any severe damage. It is a cultural and historic center in Franconia and is located in the north of Bavaria. It was on my list of foto destinations for a long time and this year it worked out quite well.

I waited until the weather forecast was good and stable for the next days, booked a hotel room in the center of the town and had some really good days up there.



Bamberg is famous for its cathedral and medieval old town. Very pretty and highly recommended. I even managed to see an old friend from my school days in Gauting. We had a very pleasant afternoon!

No more words just a few pictures of this lovely city!

The Alps

This summer was not a good season for longer trips to the Alps. Too humid, too many thunderstorms. However we decided that it was time for a break and for some hiking in the mountains (and a bit of photography). We choose to stay in Cortina and we never regretted it.

It is an awesome area with lots of good hikes, breathtaking sceneries and good food. But be careful, Cortina has its price tag.....

Anyway it was a great short vacation! I also added some pictures of a day trip with a good friend to some of my favourite locations near Garmisch in the Bavarian Alps.

I am going mirrorless!

For a long time I thought about extending my equipment into the mirrorless arena. In South Georgia I wanted to use a very lightweight equipment for situations where I needed long to very long lenses. My current Canon equipment with a 600mil and the EF 100-400 in combination with aa APS-C body seemed to be too heavy to carry around all day, expecially as my main body is and will be digital medium format.

After a long gestation period I decided to go for MFT with its unbeatable performance/weight ratio.

Moreover I needed a lightweight backup for my heavy medium format equipment, just in case it would fail (which never happened so far....).

After some initial problems with lens compatibility I am so far quite happy with the results. It is on par or better than the Canon 7D II + EF 100-400 (II). The 600 mil lens is far ahead in quality, but it is just impracticable to use on a trip to South Georgia.

The electronic viewfinder maybe not as nice as an optical, but the advantages are just too big and I know anyway what I want to photograph regardless through which viewfinder I do my composition.

What else is to say?

As mentioned already the Greenland-Iceland adventure will start in two days! My office is filled with equipment and clothing, all is ready to be packed.

In Greenland we will explore many locations on the west coast, we will use boats, airplanes, helicopters and our feet! Stay tuned for the pictures, if possible I will publish regularly on my facebook account!

Check out my workshop pages, if you are interested!

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Thats all for the moment, stay tuned and enjoy the summer!



Munich August 2017