Endless skies. Billowing Clouds. Fog and ice covered peaks under the hot equatorial sun. These are the main ingredients of the notorious Rwenzori weather.

Matching the rugged mountain scenery, the powerful forces of the Rwenzori weather are ever-changing, moving from blistering sun to heavy rain within minutes.

It may be equatorial Africa, but temperatures fall below freezing easily, supplying the glaciers with much needed snow and ice.
Rwenzori: four seasons in one day.

The perception of visitors to Rwenzori is shaped by water in all its manifestations.
Water is everywhere in the form of ice & snow, rain & fog, engorged rivers & peaceful bogs. While the water supply peaks in the two rainy seasons, you will still see rain each and every day.

Rwenzori means Rain Maker in one of the local dialects. The first European explorers in the Congo and Uganda missed the mountain range completely as it was always hidden by the ever-present clouds.

All the water from Rwenzori flows to the Nile, making these mountains the highest source for this famous river.

Taken directly from a children?s fairy tale, the forests of Rwenzori are filled with saturated bogs and immense flowering plants, creating a wonderland for naturalists.

Dense rainforests grow in the lower areas, giving way to the darkness of the bamboo belts. Climbing higher and higher, we pass the magical tree heather forests where trunks and branches are enveloped in multi-coloured moss and lichen.

The boggy valleys harbour gigantic lobelias, bringing a splash of colour to the open spaces.
From there, the realm of giant groundsel begins with rocks and walls, both flat and vertical, camouflaged by yellow, red, and orange moss.

Only the very highest peaks and icy glaciers escape the vegetation and remain barren.

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